Saturday, December 01, 2007

The 25 Days of December...the 1st!

I realize that the song is only set for 12 days, but my very special advent calendar is for all 25 days of December! I wanted this advent calendar so bad last year but couldn't pay full price so I waited until it went on clearance after Christmas. Yeah, they were all gone. :( So when I saw the exact same one this year I called Jon from Target and asked him if I could get it. He knew how much I wanted it last year so of course his answer was yes! I could not wait for December 1st! Neither could Simon. He woke up at 6:14 a.m. ready to see what was behind the little #1 door. We were able to hold him off until 8:04 though.On the 1st day of December , my mommy gave to me...
A bouncy Cars Movie ball!
We decided after this morning that we would open the little door after dinner each night, so Simon doesn't feel the need to wake up at the crack of dawn!
Happy December!

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mommy to an angel said...

December 1st has come and gone and I never got my advent calendar - I got all the stuff to put in it, but nothing to put it in - oh well, there's always next year - Olivia doesn't really get it this year anyway - she could take it or leave it.
I hung my candy cane craft thing today and your card is the ONLY one hanging from it!!