Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why I Love Fire Prevention Week

by Melanie J. Stevens


Really, I do. Why, you ask? LOTS of reasons!!! :) One of the main reasons is the Fire House Open House. Our town goes all out and it's just such a fun day! We look forward to this so much. The kids LOVE it!

We get to go for a ride on the antique fire truck with a siren blaring!

The boys get to slide down a real fire pole,

pretend to drive and rush off to a huge fire,

sit in the jump seat and pretend to talk to the other fire fighters, squirt the fire hose,

and watch the real fire fighters use the jaws of life! I think that was Ben's favorite.

"Thanks you fire fighters. We love you!"

(from Elmo Visits the Firehouse, for those of you that don't know!)