Monday, March 10, 2008

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls...


To be honest, I don't feel like posting :) but apparently there are a handful of people that still read my blog. So here we are the last few months...
Contrary to what you may have heard, we have not been sitting at the computer playing Webkinz. Well, that's not ALL we've been doing.

I tried to take a nice picture for Valentine's Day. This is the best one I got. Simon was chewing gum. Talon wiggled the whole time and Ben cried most of the time. I wont post the 274 pictures where at least one is making a funny face or crying or whining. Not fun!

We've gone to Uncle Pete & Auntie Kath's for a visit...

Simon being a bear with their faux fur blanket. So cozy!!

Uncle Peter got these cupcakes especially for our boys. You guys are so much fun for our kids. We all enjoyed our time together so much!

Simon and Ben started having sleep-overs at "Simon's house" (Simon's room) on the weekends. This is their first one. They have had many more since and both of them totally love it. It's so sweet to stand at the door and listen to them. They are truly becoming friends! The best part is that when they wake up they start playing and don't wake everyone else up! Gotta love that!!! One morning I heard Ben say "Come on Simon. Wet's (lets) go watch Tom and Jerry!" :)

Notice Smokey and Harry in the middle. Smokey is Simon's and Harry is Ben's. They were having a sleep-over too! :)

Talon's learned to climb the drawers in the bathroom and get access to the water...

This is where I find him numerous times a day!

Simon has learned to do cartwheels and flips which he practices every single day. I need to get that kid in a gymnastics class.

Spent some time in the 50...which is about to be sold to a US soldier leaving Afghanistan this weekend. :(

Had a nice visit with Grandpa Mike. He's out of the country again now until JULY! :( We'll see Grandma Penny next week and we are all very excited!!!

We went to Quaker Steak and Lube. The kids love that place! The night we went with Grandpa they had a balloon animal lady. As you can see, the were very excited!

Ben made this fort which he called a fire house. I'm not exactly sure what all of my small appliances have to do with a fire house but I'm glad he's got such a great imagination!
Talon decided that he would like to be a police man. The day of this picture anyway! :)

And yes, we still love our Webkinz!

Here's Talon with June.

This is Simba and Harry going for a ride in their new car!

And here we have Scruffy, Smokey and Coal heading out in the dump truck! :)

And for the record...if Blogger didn't take so long to upload images (and Webkinz wasn't so much fun), I'd be a lot more excited about posting. But I will try to do better. It really has been totally crazy lately. We've got 3 more crafts to do with MOPS as well as a TON of invites for various parties we're working on, not to mention taking care of my Webkinz garden. It just all takes away from blog time!