Friday, March 23, 2007

Under the Table and Dreaming

Talon loves to be under the table - any table.

Simon and Ben are trying to lure him out with Skittles & Smarties. Yeah, he didn't stay under there for long!

I'll walk into the room and he'll smile and say "haa" - that's his way of saying "hi". It's so cute.

Sometimes Ben joins in.

This is really early one morning though you can't tell by the wide-awake looks on their faces. We were trying to stay quiet so Simon could sleep. When Simon sleeps in, which isn't often, we try to let him sleep as long as his little body needs. He's usually up at the crack of dawn but not this day. Ahhh, only 2 kids! I think he woke up 20 minutes later.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nostalgia Soup

We all know that I LOVE it when my kids like something that I liked as a kid. Remember the fun-dip? Well, my boys think that "Little O" Soup is the greatest. It's actually Lipton Ring-O Noodle Soup and I officially have 3 boys who LOVE it. It's great. I've been eating this soup since I was probably 3 or 4. I wanted it served at my wedding but my mom & Jon thought I was nuts. It's just broth with little circle noodles. (Hence the name, Little O Soup!) Anyway, needless to say, I lost that fight, but my kids love it! I had a niece and nephew hooked on it for a while there too. You wouldn't have to twist Leah's arm to have a bowl now though. I think I have similar pictures of Cam somewhere too!

"Mom, can we have Little O soup for lunch?"

I know, it's a little cheesy but Talon does look so cute and happy, I just had to share.

Talon Loves Auntie Heidi

And I think she has a bit of a crush on him as well!

Ben Hates Ice Skating

Ben was so excited to ice skate! Until he actually got on the ice.
Here he is with Uncle Paul - all ready to go!

He was out there for about 3 minutes. He didn't like it much.

I don't know, it could have been the "princess" gloves he had to borrow from Olivia! :)

He was quite happy to be in the warm area with me and Talon - and Auntie Heidi & Raquelle, of course.

And he didn't actually get happy until all the warm gear was off. He sat down, pointed to his skates and said "OFF". He's a funny little dude!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Simon Loves Ice Skating

A few weeks ago we went to Deep River Water Park's Ice Skating Rink for Max & Olivia's birthday party. Man, did Simon have a blast. Ben did not. (see next post!)

Here he is all set to go out onto the ice!

They had these little metal things that slid along the ice so he could keep himself up.

He was so proud of himself - as he should be, I think!

He did so well...

Most of the time!