Thursday, September 28, 2006

Feeling a Little "Grey"

I love Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. I LOVE it!
It is a great show! I've watched it - off and on - since it started. Not faithfully though. I didn't see much of Season Two. Luckily, my friend Faith let me borrow Season One so I can have a little refresher on everyone and everything they're going through. Season Two is next for me. And after the Season Premier of Season Three, I can honestly say that I'm In! Anyone else? Besides Faith and Susan of course. I already know about your addiction to it! :) How glad are we that cards isn't on Thursdays anymore?
*And a little side husband is loving it too so that makes it even more great!!! And if you look at the date and time of this post, you will notice that it's when Grey's is on. I'm taping it so that Jon and I can watch it together AFTER we finish Season Two. I can't even believe that I have to wait to find out what happens!!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Costume Sneak Peek & Boy Wonder

Here is my giraffe and my elephant eating their breakfast the other day.
They would not take them off - all morning. Finally at around 11:30 Simon looked like he was going to melt so I made him take it off. He was so hot!
Just a little sneak preview of Halloween. I do have another costume for Ben to wear and he looks equally cute it both of them so I haven't decided on the frog or the elephant.

Talon is the 3rd child to use this bouncy seat. And the 1st child to figure out how to get the stuffed elephant into his mouth. :) He reached his arm all the way up and pulled the little awning forward and grabbed it. So resourceful!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lincoln Park Zoo

Now we're just at last weekend. Not too bad. I said I was tired...what I had meant to say was I am exhausted! It's been crazy getting adjusted to Simon going to school 4 afternoons a week. It's really messed up Talon's nap schedule (if that's what you want to call it since he hasn't been too good at naps ever!). And he's getting teeth so he's been up a bit in the night. Add some gas issues (for Talon) and my problem with not going to bed until after midnight every night (i just love those precious hours without the kids so I just can't go to bed regardless of how tired I am) and you have one exhausted momma!

Despite all the tiredness, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo last Saturday. It was such a beautiful day so we had to do something outside! All 3 boys really enjoyed it. We all did really. It was a little rough pushing the double stroller and/or holding Talon since Jon was rear-ended 2 weekends ago by a drunk driver. He's fine except for some pain in his lower back and neck but his car (the 1968 Rambler) is not. :( It couldn't have been the Explorer, could it?! It's just so sad.

Back to our day at the zoo...

Here's Simon...just hangin' out. I think we were looking at deer but I'm not sure.

Ben was a little nervous that the animals were right there. Especially with the lions. He put his shirt over his face and said "Scared Scared Scared"when it got up and started walking around.

Talon flying over Chicago - loving those 2 fingers.

My boys checking out the rhinos. They really liked those.

And a family picture. We don't get too many of those these days. Look at Talon holding his foot. So cute.

A Beautiful Day in Chicago with Happy Boys. Who could ask for more?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Talon loves...



and Grandma!

What We're Gonna Do Right Here is Go Back

Way back......all the way to Labor Day. I am so behind in blogging. It's been crazy these days. And quite frankly, I'm tired. I don't have any other excuse. :) But I am sorry...especially to the Grandparents and other people who don't get to see my boys all the time.
So, on the Sunday before Labor Day, we spent the afternoon/evening with Mike and Penny in Ottawa. They have such a great place in the trees. Grandpa calls it the treehouse! The boys just love it there.

Jon & Ben on the dirt bike. Jon was flying around the yard for ages with Simon too. They loved it! I have a really cute pic of Simon with Jon but I can't post it for some reason.

We have a picture of Simon that looks so much like this one of Talon. I'll try to find it and post it.

Simon on the cool swing set in the backyard.

Grandma Penny & Talon.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Music is Gone!

Okay everyone...the music is gone - are you all happy now!!!! :)
It was cute while it lasted though, right?

Posts are coming. I'm working on it. Sorry it's been so long.