Thursday, May 15, 2008

So many little time to blog it all!

Yes, my friends. Here I am. Trying to post about my crazy, insane life! But we've had so many blog-worthy things going on so I thought I'd share a few. If for no one else but the grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins (you get the point!) that haven't seen the boys in ages.

Okay, so I guess I'll start with the fact that my baby turned 2 years old on April 8. WHAT?!?!! I know. I can't believe it either. He talks to me and sometimes I just stare at him and wonder where the time has gone.

Here are a few pics from his Elmo birthday party. What a fabulous day! It was so sunny and warm. Perfect when you have 30 people at your house - most of which are kids!!!

Happy Birthday Talon Jonathan Peter. We love you so much! At to all those who know the Jonathan and Peter for whom he was named after, I will just say that we surely named him right! Penny will understand! :) I think I just felt another gray hair pop out on the top of my head just thinking about it!

And now I will move on to my first baby...

Here he is lookin' all cute for Terry and Heather's wedding on April 12. He had the exact tux as the groom and it was just too cute and very pimpin'! :)

And he now rides a two-wheeler - like a mad man, at that!

This is his first time out. He did awesome. Pretty much just decided it was time and he was off!

And he lost his very first tooth. (Well, not including the ones he had to have pulled when he was almost 4, those don't count!) In one week he learned how to ride his bike and lost his first tooth. When he realized it was loose and showed me I started to cry. I couldn't handle it - at least not both in one week!!! What on earth am I going to be like when he starts to drive or goes to Prom? I can't even begin to imagine!

And now some news about Bennett James (as he likes to call himself but it's more like Bennett Dwames). He is becoming quite the gardener. It helps when you have an excellent gardener living right next door who loves your kids like an extra grandpa! Soooo great because our grandpas are far away a lot of the time. :( So, a few weeks ago, Talon and Ben "helped" our neighbor Jim plant a new tree in his yard.

Last week they planted a little garden behind our garage. Jim is the sweetest thing. He prepared the soil and got it all ready for Ben to plant tomatoes and corn. The best part was that he was teaching Ben things along the way.

More coming soon!