Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 12...a Rock Star and a Recap!

On the 12th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Push Pops with Ornaments!

Simon put his ornament on the tree right away.

Talon couldn't eat his fast enough! They were rainbow sherbet flavored. Can you blame him? YUM!
Ben turned his push pop into a microphone. :)

Here he is doing his "rock star"... (sorry it's sideways. i didn't think about that.)

And since it's the 12th, let's have a recap...I know you've all been singing along since I started posting these. Be honest! :)
On the 12th day of December my mommy gave to me
Push Pops with ornaments
Christmas shaped sponges
Chocolate Christmas characters
Shiny silver slinkeys
Peppermint candies
Red & green rice krispie treats
Spiderman cars
Chocolate golden coins
Baby bottle pops
Nutcracker ornaments
Yummy candy necklaces
and a Cars Movie bouncy ball

I love December! I love my advent calendar. And I love my boys! :)


Aimee said...

The "rock star" gets me everytime! I'm crying over here!!:) Love you Benny!

And I'm beginning to think that you're kids never have clothes on - except in public. :) Just kidding!

Melanie said...

I know! It cracks me up too!
Actually yesterday Ben came up from the basement, looked outside, said, "Wow, it's weawwy dark outside. I have to take my clothes off." I asked him to wait until after dinner and he said, "But mom, it's maked time!" not spelled wrong, that's how he says it.