Monday, December 10, 2007

Stevens Family Christmas Celebration

Saturday was a busy day. But a great day, for sure! We went to Grandma & Grandpa's house in Ottawa for our Stevens Family Christmas. Grandma made so much wonderful food. I have the rest of the braandy buttah. I allow myself a spoonful each night. I can't sit with the bowl and a spoon or I'll eat it all. It is that good! Mike and Penny are off to England for Christmas with Grandma Martina. They won't be back in the states until February. We miss you guys already! :(

Here are some pictures of our lovely day!

Paper crowns from the traditional English crackers.

Ben & Caleb

I don't love this picture of myself but I do love seeing Talon in the bottom corner. I didn't notice it until I uploaded it to my computer. He is such a scavenger! Whatever he can reach, he'll eat or drink! He was eating off of people's plates all day. And at the end of the day as he was eating some more chips Nicole (or Auntie Cole, how cute is that?!) said to me, "He has been eating all day!" And literally, he was!

Talon seeks out Mike throughout the day and gives him his hand for "Round and Round the Garden".

Zac was carrying Ben around the house saying "Who wants to buy Ben?!!" Ben had a blast!!!

Present Time!!!

Waiting patiently...

and not so patiently.

Susie had just told Ben that he wasn't going to open his present or something like that. He put on his "mad pace" and said, "Yes I am!"

This was his first present of the day. He ripped the corner off and peeked in. Then tore into it!

2 big construction trucks! Thanks Auntie Sue!!!

Talon enjoyed opening his presents too. He's a wanderer too so he opened his presents with whoever he was with when it was his turn.

Simon got this aweome remote control truck. He wanted to play with it right away but of course it had to be charged. We charged it for him when we got home that night so it was all ready for him in the morning. He has had so much fun with it. Thank you Uncle Sam and Auntie Heidi!

Ben has been wanting this vacuum cleaner for months! When asked what he wants for Christmas he says "I want a mini vacuum cleaner and a yo yo ball".

Yes, he is HUGGING his mini vacuum cleaner! Needless to say, he was so excited when he opened it and said "I've wanted this ALL DAY!" We strategically put it on the bottom of his stack or else he wouldn't have wanted to open anything else. Thanks Uncle Peter & Auntie Kathryn! Ben also got this really cool Viewmaster Projector that all 3 boys just love. Yesterday I took them to Target to get some reels for it. They're special ones with little inserts that have the sound clips on them. Ben came out holding it and said, "I just wuv dees movies!" So thanks to Auntie Nicole & Uncle Paul too! Ben has had a fabulous Christmas so far!

After presents all the kids went sledding - except Talon - with all the brothers, Susie & Grandpa. TaloHe stayed with his Grandma, Aunties, Raquelle and me. He really liked this pirate ship puzzle.

Uncle Sam.

Heidi was a little freaked out at the glimpse of her husband when he gets older. It was hilarious!

And here's what little Benny looked like after sledding. He started going down the hill alone FAST and Jon ran after him, lost his footing and accidentally kicked Ben in the face. Jon felt so horrible about it!These last 2 were from the next day. He was so out of it. I think his body was fighting off some sort of infection from it or something. After some meds and a nap he was much better. And it's just a yucky scab now. Good thing my Christmas cards are already done, right?

Thank you Mike & Penny for such a great day! It was so good to be with everyone and so relaxing. Thanks too for all of the wonderful presents. We love you!!!


Aimee said...

Looks like you guys had such a nice time! Can you save some Brandy butter for me!?!? :) I love that stuff too!

And poor Benny - his face looked awful, I bet Jon felt just awful! I'm glad to hear that it's getting better though.

Gramma said...

and me, too. I love that stuff as well. Save me a bite, pleeeze.
I don't know who I feel for most..Jon or Benny. Accidents do happen so quickly. Love you all

Melanie said...

Okay, you can each have one spoonful. That's it!!! :) Just kidding. Aim, I'll bring it to cards. I want Kate and Michelle to try it. But after that I'm not sure there will be any left for Mommy though. I should get the recipe from Penny. I think it's just brandy, powdered sugar and buttah! I gotta find out how much of each.