Sunday, December 09, 2007

6th & 7th

On the 6th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Spiderman Cars!

Ben's actually has The Sandman from the Spiderman3 movie. He thanked Jesus for his "sandy car" tonight before dinner. He wanted me to take this picture. :)

I couldn't get him to stop (nor did I really want to since he was having so much fun!) racing his car for a picture. It was so cute. All 3 were running around making hot rod noises. Oh my boys.....

On the 7th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Red & Green Rice Krispie Treats!

When Tal took his first bite he said "yum".

Yum! Ben wanted me to take these pictures (gasp!!!) of him taking huge bites. Then Simon joined in. And of course Talon.

Then they were off to get haircuts and baths. We had our Stevens Family Christmas yesterday so I'll post some pics of that tomorrow! It was a great day! We spent the whole day over at Grandma & Grandpa's. Braandy Buttah! Oh yeah baby! Happy Christmas everyone! :)

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Gramma said...

Hey guys...Are those rice krispies as good as grammas? Yours were much more colorful though. Love u boys so much.