Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Didya quit? Nope, just takin' a short pause!

What movie? 100 points to whoever gets it right! :) I was going to say 100 bucks but my sister got one right the other day so technically, I owe her 100 bucks already! I hope she never collects. But I was really proud of her for remembering!

I know you've all been on the edge of your seat waiting to see what was in the advent calendar on the 3rd, 4th & 5th! Heheee! So, here you go! I'll try to do better!

On the 3rd day of December my mommy gave to me...

Tiny Nutcracker Ornaments.

As you can see, and as we all know...Ben did not want his picture taken. Oh, what fun!

Talon and Simon's ornaments are nicely hanging from a lovely branch on our tree. Bennett's got lost very soon after trying to take pictures. I think he threw it! Still can't find it.


On the 4th day of December my mommy gave to me...

It's too big to fit in the actual calendar...wonder what it is?

Baby Bottle Pops!

The picture taking saga continues with my dear little Bennett... Got them all organized and took this picture, then realized he didn't have a shirt on! Seriously, did I just say that? Did I really not realize he didn't have a shirt on? YES! The answer is yes!

Better! And he's smiling!!! Gotta love that!


On the 5th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Chocolate Golden Coins!

Pajama boy strikes again...refusing to look at the camera. Talon is putting his wrapper on Ben's head. That's what you get Benny!!! :)


Aimee said...

From the looks of it, does anything fit in the little doors? :) Looks like they are having fun with it though! Gotta love little Benny! :)

Anonymous said...

There ain't nothin' wrong with my Bengy
Boy! He just does not want to be like
everybody else. I love you, Ben

mommy to an angel said...

Very cute - I love how you say, " mommy gave to me..." Where's daddy in all of this?

Just kidding!

I can't wait to do this next year with Olivia

Melanie said...

Yes, not much fits in the doors. So far only 2 didn't fit though. It's been hard trying to find stuff small enough - or smooshable!
And yes Shawnie...mommy shopped, mommy decided what would go next (like the GOLDEN coins on day 5 - FIIIVE GOLLLDDEENN RIIINNNNGGGS!, very important stuff here!). Daddy holds Talon for his pic. And laughs when I try to take pictures! :) It is pretty funny though. YOu should hear me!