Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the 10th and the 11th!

On the 10th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Chocolate Christmas Characters!

And on the 11th day of December my mommy gave to me...

Christmas shaped sponges!
And amazingly enough it fit in the advent calendar - just barely. :)

Simon got a Christmas tree, Ben got a candy cane and Talon got a snowflake.

Oh the fun they had in the bath with these! Ben washed himself thoroughly. That's basically all he did except when it was time to wash the truck (the walls). The imaginations on these boys!
For the first time ever, Talon was "swimming" in the bath. You know, when the water is going out so it's really shallow. He was on his belly pretending to swim. It was adorable! Hard to get pics of it though since he's such a mover!

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mommy to an angel said...

I love the bathtub pics - their just priceless and even better that all three of them are in there. One of these days those pics will come back to haunt on their wedding day!