Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Open House Means Open House

This was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but Blogger wouldn't let me load the picture. So I'll do it next week!
So anyway, it's kind of a funny story. Last year the Fire Department Open House was on the same day as Owen's birthday party. We thought we could fit them both in. And we had plenty of time since Owen's party wasn't until late afternoon. We drove to the station that had the huge sign out front telling us when the open house would be but all of the fire trucks were gone! We drove around to some nearby parks thinking maybe it would be somewhere else there but we couldn't fint it. We finally saw a police officer and asked him. He said, "Oh, that's at Station #2" Jon said, "Where's Station #2?" He told us how to get there but by this time...we were out of time. Simon was so upset!

My niece Dana, who seriously should have been the homecoming queen, was over a few days after this mishap and Simon had to tell her all about it. He said something like, "We were at Station #1 and there wasn't even one fire truck there. I mean, Open House means Open House!" Dana and I cracked up! We still say it!!
So this year, needless to say...we found the Fire House Open House! We were ready. We knew what time it started. We knew what station it was at! And we had a great time!!!
Ben loved how these coats and boots were all lined up and wanted me to take a picture. :)

We got to have a ride on the classic firetruck. So fun! It was a perfect, crisp, fall day.
Simon got to slide down a real fire pole. He loved it! Ben didn't want anything to do with it.

They got to use the hoses which was really cool.

Simon was trying to get me wet - WITH A FIRE HOSE! Crazy boy!

It was just about to be Ben's turn when my camera battery died. Arrgghhh!
Anyway, the fire fighters (and police officers too) were amazing. So patient and kind and good with the kids. Not just mine - all of the kids. And there were A LOT of them! One of the trucks had all of the tools laid out for everyone to see...saws, axes, etc. Ben walked over to check it out and says, "Mom...look! It's the jaws of life!" It really was the jaws of life. I couldn't believe that he knew that. Then, as if I wasn't amazed enough, he said, "Those help people stuck in cars." Wow Ben!
So I guess this year Open House really does mean Open House!!!


Aimee said...

First things first - GREAT family photo!!!! Next - I'm sure those boys had a ball! Were they doing their siren noises the whole time, or is that only when I'm trying to talk to you on the phone!?!? :) They look like they had alot of fun!

Michelle said...

your stories about Ben CRACK ME UP.... and hey I didn't know you had bangs! Look at you, trendy mama!

Kathy said...

My word..the things they say hey. So glad you had fun. Like the hair color.

mommy to an angel said...

What an adorable family! Love the pic. I'm glad that the open house was an open house for you guys this year.
(cute bangs!)

Melanie said...

You'd crack up even more Michelle if you actually heard him! He is such a riot! I should try to post some video.

Thanks for all the nice comments about my hair girls! Yes, it's black. You know what they say about once you go black..... hehehehee! Seriously though, I do like the color. It was an accident at first but then I started to like it. I don't like the bangs though...they are growing out as we speak. :)

And Aim, they did not do the siren noises the whole time. Only when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone (or a complete thought). :)