Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jon's 30th Birthday!

Yea!!! My husband is officially in his 30's - like me! That feels so nice!

Friday was Jon's birthday. I tried really hard to give him a surprise party but it didn't really work out for me, for a number of reasons. I think he was kind-of surprise at where the party was. But we had a really great time anyway!

Me and Jon after the "surprise".

Jon and Pete
Birthday Toast. I LOVE my mom's face in this one. Jon and Phil. Thanks for being there Phil - it meant so much to both of us! We miss you!!!
Me, Jon, Phil and Susie - so like old times!!
Bobby and Jon
Susie and Penny

Aimee, Amy, Katie & Mary
The cake - before.
Our friends Bobby and Angie had this great idea that Jon should take a bite out of his cake. While he was taking a bite Bobby leans over to me and says "push his face into it"

My sister thought that Jon looked really annoyed about it so she decided to grab some cake and smash it on MY face! Look at my friends and my mom in the background. Oh yeah, real funny! My face was so sticky and sugary. Good thing the cake was good, I guess. Thanks Aim! :)

Jon, I love you so much. You are truly my very best friend. You are a fabulous husband and the most amazing father. I remember my vows on our wedding day. I said that I was so glad that God gave me you because it couldn't be anyone but you! I still believe that today and I always will. I am so blessed to have you. I love you Jonnie Stevens!


Aimee said...

We had such a fun time! I haven't laughed that much in a long time! GOOD TIMES!!

candi said...

Happy Birthday Jon!! I can't believe how old you, I mean, we are getting!!!

mommy to an angel said...

Are those short bangs I see on you Mel? VERY CUTE!!! I love them!