Monday, October 15, 2007

Apple Juice

Simon wanted a blueberry waffle for lunch today. Ben and Talon wanted chicken nuggets. Okay, fine. No problem. Except for the fact that Ben hates when anything is hot. So I blew on it. Waved air on it. Finally, they were cold enough to eat. Thank goodness!

So Ben loves apple juice. And we all know that Ben likes things his way, right away. Such fun, I tell ya! Anyway, he was going on and on because the juice I gave him was actually blueberry-pomegranate, which they all love...yeah, well, not today.

Ben: I want apple juice.

Me: Sorry Ben. We don't have apple right now.

Ben: I really want apple juice.

Me: Ben, we don't have any apple juice. This is blueberry. You love blueberry.

:heavy sigh: I'm really want to say...does this kid think i'm lying? does he want me to produce apple juice out of thin air. we don't have any frickin' apple juice. i'm sorry. i'm a horrible mother, i know. just drink the blueberry..........of course i didn't say any of that...just thought it in the kitchen. :)

Ben: I really, really want apple juice.

Simon: Look Ben, we match. You have blueberry juice and I have a blueberry waffle.

Ben: I don't want blueberry. I want apple.

Simon: You know Ben, sometimes change is good.

I start cracking up in the kitchen.

Simon: Right Mom?

Me: Right Simon. :) Sometimes change IS good!


Aimee said...

Simon is such a practical thinker! Funny!

Andrea said...

haha! how sweet is that?!?! I LOVE the things kids come up with sometimes!! :)

mommy to an angel said...

That's cute!