Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Benny

Ben decided to wash his feet in the sink the other day - WITH HIS PANTS ON!!! I can't remember if that was before or after Talon put an entire roll of toilet paper and 2 toothbrushes in the toilet. Oh the joys. I have to laugh or I'll cry! Really, I'm laughing. I promise. Cracking up!!! : )


Aimee said...

I've succomed to just getting the camera out too! They'll make pictures for the "box of pictures" and they'll be great stories to tell one day too! He's so stinkin' cute though!

mommy to an angel said...

Look at that face? How could you get upset at someone with such an adorable face? I just want to kiss my computer right now as I look at him! I tell Olivia, "mommy needs to take your picture so I can show daddy what you did when he get's home"

Melanie said...

i think that's what saved him here shawnie! seriously! i tell him all the time, "you're lucky you're so cute!" :)