Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wedding Bells!!!!!

My niece Melissa (my sister Leanne's daughter) got engaged over the weekend! This is just too exciting. I hope she doesn't mind me posting these pictures of the gorgeous ring...
And, guess who gets to be the flowergirl and ringbearer...
I am so excited! Aimee and I have talked about this since they were born. Hoping...wondering...if maybe they would be able to be flowergirl and ringbearer together and now it's happening.

So after she called yesterday I was talking to Simon about it and Ben said, "I want to go too!" I said, "Yeah! We're all going. And you'll get to be all dressed up and everything!" He said, all excited, "I know! I'll wear my dragon!!!!"

My niece is getting married! And my son is going to be her ringbearer. This is just too much!

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mommy to an angel said...

Won't they be adorable all dressed up together!