Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Fire Breathing Dragon, A Very Cute Policeman and a Buzzy Bumble Bee

My boys all dressed up and all smiles! Yes, even Ben.

We saw a few police officers driving around the neighborhood throughout the night but the 1st one we saw recognized us I think (from various community events) and smiled, waved and said to Simon, "Hey, I like your costume!" Simon was beaming after that.
Ben making his dragon face. He really took the whole dragon thing seriously.Talon's first look at all the candy. He had no idea!
Our neighbor's dog, Stanley, was a bumble bee as well. Too cute!
What a great night! The kids really enjoyed themselves. It was so nice that it was still light out. And it wasn't too cold either. There were sooo many kids around our neighborhood. It was great!
Talon got sick of it after a while so Jon took him home. I stayed out with Simon and Ben - until they got sick of it too. Here they are trick-or-treating with Wylie, the skunk. :)There was still time for others to trick-or-treat when we got home so Simon set up his post on the stoop. I couldn't figure out how he kept running out of candy when I watched him give each person a huge handful. So we were able to get rid of everything we didn't like. Very nice!


mommy to an angel said...

So cute - I just love the watchman!

Aimee said...

Those are great pictures! They look great!!

candi said...

Oh how cute!! Talon is just too cute! Glad you had fun.

Michelle said...

guess it was the year of the bee, hey?

Melanie said...

i guess so!!! i love that costume - on any kid! i made the one that talon wore...for simon, when he was 2! hey, how was your trip?

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