Friday, September 07, 2007

Simon's First Day

Simon had his first day of Kindergarten on the 24th of August. I started this post immediately after I dropped him off with every intention to add the photos and post it. But those of you that check my blog (Hi Tara, happy now?!) know that I am not so good at keeping it current.

Anyway, back to the 1st day...

He woke up at the crack of dawn and said "Mom, it's my school day today!"

I didn't get choked up until I was at the school. My baby is going to school (only for a 1/2 day but still). Not Preschool, not Pre-K...but Kindergarten!

He had to line up in the gym with all the other grades - up to 5th! I think that's when I lost it. I went to his line and said bye. That's it! Thank God that a girl from his Pre-K was in the row next to him and she was right across from him so he had someone to talk to.

So here's me - sweating bullets, taking pictures, weaving in and out of other crazy parents (with my stroller no less), biting the inside of my lip to choke back sobs and Ben is screaming "I want to go with Simon!" I explained 3 or 4 times why he couldn't go with Simon then he yelled at the top of his lungs "Mommy, this is really boring!" I guess it helped me in the long run because I wasn't totally focused on Simon standing in a line to go to Kindergarten.

He proudly walked in the line with his new class and his new teacher, gave me a high-five and was gone! Sorry it's blurry but he was so excited and going so fast!

I had to keep myself busy for the next few hours or I'd start sobbing. Why is this so hard for me? I don't think I cried at all when he went to Pre-K last year.

Finally, it was time to pick him up. FINALLY! Imagine if he was in full-day Kindergarten. Man am I dreading 1st grade. There isn't a choice there! Okay, back to picking him up. He spots me, smiles, comes running, my heart swells at the sight of my baby and he says to me..."Oh hey mom. Could you go home? I want to take the bus."

WHAT!?!?!!!! Could I go home? I've been waiting for this morning to be over, watching the clock. Is it time yet? Wondering what he's doing, how he's doing and he says he wants to take the bus?!?! Now I understand that to a 5 year old boy a bus probably means "field trip" but still.
Anyway, he had a great 1st day! And many great days since. :)


candi said...

Great Job mom!! You did well! Oh yeah and great job simon.
It is so much harder for us than them.
How is Ben doing with out Simon? My 4 yo is BORED OUT OF HIS MIND ALL DAY!!!!
Lets hit the park again soon, fall weather is coming!

Aimee said...

I can't believe how old they are already! He looks so cute! Good job buddy!

Kathy said...

You had me all chocked up reading this...and thinking of Connor one day. He is ALL about school and just wants to go..!!

Michelle said...

Sooo.... did he take the bus or not? I'm dying over here!!

Melanie said...

Oh Kathy it's horrible! The good news is I'm over it now and it's fine but that first week was terrible! :(

And NO, he absolutely did not take the bus! First of all, he is my baby and second, we live a block and a half away from the school. :) He's still a little freaked out about the whole dropping off thing so I'm sure his excitement about the bus has passed. He hasn't asked about it again either.

Melanie said...

Oh and Candi, I'm LOVIN' this weather. The park sounds great.