Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sad Story followed by Big News


Last week Ben, Talon and I were leaving to pick up Simon from school. I was buckling Talon into his carseat when Ben yells "Mom! There's a caterpillar!" "Okay Ben. I'll be right there." Not believing him really.

There was indeed a caterpillar. Right where I was going to drive down the driveway. Ben was so excited. For a split-second I thought about getting jar and poking holes in the top. Ben didn't mention keeping it so I decided to get a stick and a cup - slid the caterpillar into the cup with the stick and put it in the grass. The caterpillar curled up and I thought died. So I put the cup next to it to see if it was still there when we got home.

We got home a few minutes later and I checked it immediately. Gone! Oh yea, I thought, it was fine! I looked around to see if I could find it - I was sure it hadn't gotten very far.

It didn't get very far at all - it was flattened by our dear neighbor Jim's car. I didn't tell Jim. He would have been so upset. I felt horrible enough for both of us I'm sure. I kept thinking that I should have just relented and kept it but I really didn't want a caterpillar in a jar on my kitchen counter. Now the caterpillar was dead and it was all my fault.

And now...on to the BIG NEWS!

Thursday, while I was with Simon at the eye doctor, Jon and Ben found a new caterpillar! And don't you know that as soon as I got home I found a jar and poked some holes in the lid. And now we have a green caterpillar - who has now been named Slimey (thanks Angie!) - happily munching on leaves and grass in a jar on my kitchen counter. I was not going to let this one get smashed by our neighbor's car. No sir...not on my watch!

So I guess we officially have our first pet! That's our big news! You can't see it in these pictures, but it's in there! I could actually hear it crunching when I checked on it for the 20th time today - that's what made me think to take some pictures of it.
And since I wrote this post, we thought it was dead. But really it was just resting from all of it's hard work making a chrysalis! YES! It's making a cocoon right there in a jar on my kitchen counter!!!


mylittleducks5 said...

Sounds like you are homeschooling over there:p That is so cool! We found a bunch, by the Shedd and they all died. I am glad yours is forming a cocoon. That will be really fun for the boys. Sorry about Slimey the first.

Aimee said...

O.K. - so my stomach dropped a bit at first, so I had to immediately scroll down to the good news - I thought you were going to announce something that you hadn't told me already! Phew!!

Also, how on earth have we had - let's say 8 "little guys" this summer, and not one of them has turned into a cocoon?!? Good for you guys though! That'll be fun! :)

Kathy said...

How cool! You have to keep us posted for the next few weeks with the progress. Hey you will have your own Eric Carle butterfly on your kitchen counter.