Monday, September 10, 2007

All Smooth!

So the boys found their pretend shavers the other day and wanted to shave before bed.

Ben said "Mom, I'm going to be all smoove!"

Talon thought it was weird that his mommy was putting this stuff on his face. Then he got a taste of it - and he was done!

They were so cute sitting on the vanity together "shaving", trying to be just like daddy.

I guess Jon won't have to teach them much when they actually get hair on their faces. Yikes! I don't even want to think about that!


Aimee said...

Oh how cute!! I've got to get some of those for my boys!

Aimee said...

One more thing - don't you have like 12 kids at your house, and you've managed to find time to post?

Melanie said...

yes, you do need to get them for your boys. they'd love it! they got them for christmas last year and they pull it all out occasionally - and obviously LOVE it!
actually it was only 5 - and we all went OUT to lunch. i'm frickin' nuts!!! :)

Michelle said...

these are so funny! i love the toothless smile. :)

Pinks & Blues said...

OK, those are awesome photos!! Little men shaving!! How cute!! I love how they are looking in the mirror and everything. So adorable.
I'll have to get them for my 3 little men!!
- Audrey