Monday, June 11, 2007

My 5 Year Old Ring Bearer!

Simon turned 5 on May 17! I can hardly believe that my baby is 5 years old. It's crazy. I remember rocking and nursing and crying all night long with him when he was born...sometimes all day too! But now he's just such a great little boy. And he's so fun to talk to - especially when there are no other boys around, right before bedtime is the best!

You gotta have a big wheel when you're 5, don't you?? I did. Who remembers making ice cream with theirs flipped over? Jon doesn't. Crazy! He's British though, I guess they didn't do stuff like that! Anyway, I can't wait to teach Simon. He and Ben are always riding around in their cozy coupes pretending to be ice cream men. La, la la,la, la, la, la la!

We love you Simon Michael!

And now, here are a few pictures of Simon's 1st time being a ringbearer. I know Grandma Penny is dying to see these!!! He looked so cute in his little tux with tails. (He's in another wedding in April 2008!)

Simon and Emily with the bride & groom - Brent (our pastor's son) and Sol.

Simon and Emily, the flowergirl.


candi said...

Happy birthday Simon! What a little man you are!

Kathy said...

I love the last picture, such a proud look on his face. Cute man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GUY!