Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Today Talon is 13 months old. He turned 1 on April 8. We had a party on April 14. Not quite a month ago. At least he's not almost 2 before I posted this, right?

He loves my mom's rice krispies - I mean really, who doesn't!?!!
Notice how he's got some in each hand. Don't even think about taking it away.

He loved the cake! Simon wanted him to have chocolate because he would be a huge mess. I'm not sure who picked green frosting.......

Talon loved it and Simon got what he wanted. A huge mess!!!

He loved it until this moment. He was like, I'm all done with this!!!

We love you Talon Jonathan Peter!


Kathy said...

Happy birthday little man!

candi said...

Happy Birthday Talon!!

Susie said...

hi mel--susie and penny here. we love the simon speaking french story. how halarious. penny says she can t wait to see these boys!! love the pictures and miss you so!!
(Arvid speaks french!)