Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Party!

Oh yeah! Now, those who know me KNOW that I'm not a huge fan of characters. I caved on Bob the Builder because that's all Ben asked for..."I want a Bob party". That and all the stuff was on clearance for a buck or less. We ended up doing Simon and Ben's birthday's together. All you family members can thank me later. If we didn't combine it we would have had a party in April, May and July. Too much. And they both agreed on the Bob theme. We had a perfect day! The food was amazing (Lagestee Family Grilled Marinated Pot Roast - yummmmo!) The weather couldn't have been any better. The kids were all happy. It was a great time! Thanks everyone for all the gifts. The boys were so excited and blessed. We love you.

Notice Ben and Brett dressed up as firefighters. So cute. Brett's getting his own outfit for his birthday next week. I can't wait to give it to him.

Chloe, Jude (Simon's "favorite friend" from school) and Si.


Aimee said...

GREAT pictures!! Who took them? :) It was a great party, and the food was, as always, FANTASTIC!!!

Melanie said...

Um, that would be you. You know, once a maid of honor...always a maid of honor! i'll be doing all the same for you next week at Chloe and Brett's. :)