Thursday, June 21, 2007

Neighbor Jim

Talon has this wonderful relationship with our 80-something year old neighbor, Jim. When he was a baby he would smile and coo at him. Now he sees him and takes off running. And the waving! Oh my goodness, it the cutest thing. Jim picks him up and Talon proceeds to point at Jim's mouth or eyes and "talk" to him. It's really sweet.

The other day Jim had this garden wagon out and Talon was intrigued. Jim put him inside and gave him a ride. Talon loved it and cried when we took him out.


Kathy said...

That last picture of Talon is too too word.

Melanie said...

thanks kathy!

Brandy McKenzie said...

Mel! Jon told me about your blog so i had to check it out. You are the cutest mom ever...I am obsessed with these pictures of Talon and his friendly neighbor. How darling. I miss your boys so much. They are so fun! You should get a myspace!