Tuesday, August 01, 2006

See You Soon Auntie Sue!

Well, I guess it won't be so soon - she won't be home until January - but I don't like saying good-bye! We stay up so late talking when she's here so I guess I have six months to rest up for the next visit, huh Sue!?
On July 22nd we had a going-away party for Jon's sister Susie - who is now in Africa for 6 MONTHS! We had such a fun time. All the Stevens cousins got to be together and had an absolute blast!

Talon all lounged out and happy as can be with Auntie Susie.

Here's Simon with Auntie Sue before she left. :(

My boys in their drum shirts - thanks Auntie Aimee! I literally had to stop them from running around just to get these pictures.


Amy Maples said...

I can't believe you have 3 boys now!!! That is just awesome. Michelle Hamstra sent me a link to your blog. I was glad to get a brief update on Susie and see a pic since we've gotten out of contact.
Love, Amy (Kotynski) Maples

Aimee said...

Cute shirts boys!! hehe!

Susie said...

This was so fun! I miss you guys!