Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let Me Shine a Little Light on the Subject...

On a day like today - all gray and gloomy - I can't help but think of the late Mr. Wynsma. . . If there was ever a day like today, he would come in to each classroom, put his special principal key in the lightswitch and make an extra set of lights come on. As he did this, with a great smile, he would always say "Let me shine a little light on the subject for you" and leave. My first memory of it is when I was probably in 4th grade, at Calvary Academy of course. It made me wish for gray, gloomy days. Such a nice memory! Now, as I look back on it, he was truly committed to that school and every single child that attended and their parents. Even after we graduated, married and had babies, he still wanted to see us - almost to make sure we were doing okay. He was seriously a great man.

Here are my boys enjoying this gloomy day. They can always find a way to enjoy even the simple things. I have to admit, the rain does smell good. I was in a rather foul mood while I was taking these pictures. Talon has been giving us a rough time lately with sleeping. He almost refuses to nap and then gets so overtired that he can't go to sleep for the night. So I'm tired, to say the very least. And Jon was getting ready to leave for a youth retreat with like 70 kids from church. He'll be gone for 3 days!!! :( I sure do hope I don't go crazy. I feel like I just might though! :) I'll keep you posted - if I have time.

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Aimee said...

Oh the good ole' days! I remember him doing that too! I have actually grown to love it when it storms during the day ~ during the night is another story, but I love it when I'm at home, and have nothing to do!