Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1st Day of School

Well, it's official! Simon goes to school! He started last week and he goes 4 afternoons a week.
Here he is looking all handsome, ready to go.

And a little too excited to leave me. :(

I realize that it's only Pre-K, but still! It's a huge deal to me. It changes my WHOLE day - good and bad. So far, I'm really enjoying the structure of the day. We HAVE TO get out of our pajamas by 11:00 or so - no questions asked. I just can't go out in pajama pants. Some people can but I just can't do it! :) So we're all dressed every day now - which is nice! (I mean really, what't the point of putting jeans on when you're doing dishes, loads of laundry, changing diapers and wiping up spit up?)

The bad is that I really miss my boy in the afternoons! Every day we would watch Dragon Tales while Ben took a nap and I nursed Talon. Sometimes we would even get Talon to actually go into his bed for a nice nap. Then it was me and Simon for an hour or so cuddled up watching our favorite show. I loved that one on one time and I miss him now...but I do still flip to Dragon Tales, just to see which episode it is. I don't have to let go of EVERYTHING now do I!?!?!!

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