Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well Hello There!

Okay, I know I'm a terrible blogger.

But today, I present some new photos for my mommy (who I don't see enough), sister-in-law Tara (who checks my blog often and finds nothing), Mike and Penny (who we miss so much), my sister Leanne (who informed me that she checks my blog EVERY MORNING to see if I've posted anything) and anyone else who still checks in on my blog from time to time! Me and the boys were messing with the timer on my camera.

The boys in their "tent".

Talon at our church's Labor Day picnic.

Love you guys! I'll try to post more often.


Michelle said...

Hey! I don't hold anything against you for your inconsistent blogging... but probably because I have nothing I COULD say!

It looks like Talon isn't so camera shy these days! The boys are as cute as ever. :)

Leanne said...

YEAH!!!!!! Great pictures!

mommy to an angel said...

Thanks! I check all the time and it has finally paid off.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are getting so BIG!!! Seeing the boys smiling faces put a smile on mine.


Mommy said...

Thanks honey for the great pix..not as good as being there, but they do help. I also love that you include you and Jon as well. By the way, that floral comforter looks verrrry familiar:D
Love you