Thursday, July 06, 2006

Swinging and Relaxing

I did my best to get some action shots while the boys were swinging. They love to go high on the swings.

And Talon LOVED the hammock. He just laid there and looked up at the trees. Simon used to love to sit in his bouncy seat in our backyard and "talk" to the trees too. It's funny how they are so the same - yet so different!


Michelle said...

for some reason today is the first day any of these posts showed up for me! I see the dates say you've been updating them for the past few days but my computer must have not noticed the updates.

Very cute pictures! My John loves raspberries too. Its especially nice that its behind your garage so they don't leave a mess everywhere!

If it makes you feel any better... I don't think I got ONE picture of Johnny & Addy on father's day!!

Melanie said...

Yeah, my blogging has been a little lagging but it's not only been my fault! I've been having some trouble getting them to show up. But they are there now!!!

I am SO glad the raspberries are behind the garage. Ben squeezes them. Nice! I think he's forgotten about them for now.

Well, actually it does make me feel better about the pics on Father's Day - you're the picture taking queen!!! What happened?