Saturday, July 01, 2006

Carnival #1

We ventured out to a carnival at the end of June with our 3 boys and our friend Stephanie from church. My boys love Stephanie! She moved to Colorado a few days after our trip to the carnival. :( We already miss her!

As soon as Simon saw the ferris wheel (he called it a paris wheel), he wanted to go on it with me. So we did, just me and Simon.

The little boat ride.

And the airplane ride. They did this one a few times. The last time around Ben went in his own plane. About halfway through he was on his knees turning around to see us. I was flipping out! Luckily the ride ended shortly thereafter. Whew!

Getting ready for the dragon roller coaster to start. Simon's been on it before - this was Ben's first time. As you can see, he's a little unsure.

Ben liked it the first few times it went around. After that, he was done! Simon was not. He went on a few more times by himself.

Ben loved this little train.

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