Friday, June 09, 2006

We Miss Grandpa Stevens

Grandpa Mike is in Argentina right now but he e-mailed this great photo that Penny took right before he left for England in May. He wasn't able to be with us for Simon's birthday so he spent some time with him before he left. We miss him so much but we know that he is doing wonderful things all over the world! (You should see his itinerary for the's crazy!!!)

Grandpa planted these flower pots for me right after I had Talon. He took Simon and Bennett with him to the nursery to buy all the flowers. I remember that was a really nice morning for me. :)

Can you believe the purple ones, Mike? They have really bloomed with all the rain. I don't even have to do anything but pick the dead ones off. I have to do it when Ben's not watching though because he thinks he's helping by pulling off nice ones. I think he got your "Gardening Gene". :)

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