Thursday, June 01, 2006

Boys with Boots

I had to show you these pictures of Ben. He has to wear shoes all the time. It doesn't matter who they belong to. He'll thump around wearing mine or Simon's - even up and down the stairs. I had these boots (which used to be Simon's obsession until he outgrew them) hidden for a few weeks because it's all Ben wants to wear. And lately, it has to be without his shorts but WITH the goggles! He is so funny.

And here's a cute one of Simon and Talon.


Michelle said...

HYSTERICAL! I especially love the one of him with one boot on and one high heeled sandal. Classic blackmail in about 15 years. :)

With pictures like that one of Simon and Talon who needs Sears???

Melanie said...

Oh, I have a lot of blackmail pictures!!! :)

I thought the same thing about the picture of Simon and Talon. And it wasn't posed at all. They were just looking cute! That's even better!!!

Kathy said...

Firstly I can't believe that Simon is 4 already, and little Bennett is 2. I remember holding Simon when he was a week old. Time does go by fast. Congratulations on Talon. Our little Abigail is 6 1/2 weeks now!

I love the pics you had taken of the boys, they are so adorable.