Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Afternoon with Grandpa Len

My dad has to travel from his home in Pennsylvania to Peoria, Illinois a few times a year on business. The good thing about it is that visits with us are on the way! On Friday he stopped at Aimee's so my boys and I went out there and we had lunch together. The kids got to play together too so that was nice.

I don't know why but Ben is always antagonizing Chloe (probably because we don't have any little girls in our house!). She's usually pretty good about it though (probably because she doesn't have anything but little boys in her house!). Here he is trying to get her with a cup of water.

Brett always says "Auntie, baby" when he sees Talon. It's really sweet.

I love the impromptu visits Dad! Tell Caterpillar that you need to visit more often! :) It's great...except for the pain in your back. And the 7 hour drive, I forgot about that! It was great to be together ~ love you!

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