Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ralphie & Randy

The boys got to watch A Christmas Story this year for the 1st time and LOVED it! Ben actually says "look, there's me!" when Randy comes on the screen. Could they look any more like those 2 though??

We had a really nice low-key Christmas! I'm not sure if I will ever post about it. I'm so over it now. The tree was out the door on the 26th! Please don't get me wrong. We had many fun parties and many very relaxing days but I am really glad it's all over! The stinkin' advent calendar just about drove me nutty! :) And our family parties were split up all over December so now that it's over, I'm not sure I can go back. Okay, maybe I'll post a few.....just so you guys don't think I'm a big old scrooge and we didn't have any fun for the holidays!

Making cookies!

I had such a fun time with Talon under the tree one night. The needles kept falling off on our faces and we were cracking up. He was shhhhing me and telling me about the train he heard outside and all kinds of other things. :)

I have MANY pictures of the kids opening their presents. They were so much fun to buy presents for and getting them all ready was just as fun. Thanks Auntie Susie for all your helping wrapping!!! It would have taken me days to get them all done.

Here's Ben opening up his cleaning set from Auntie Kristin and Uncle Paul and their kids. He wanted this so bad. Kristin felt bad buying him cleaning supplies but I assured her that he would be ecstatic and he was! He actually kissed the box...

then Dana started crying!

We love you Dane. You have a heart of gold! Ben is next to me right now and said, "Ohhh, there's Dana. She's crying because I kissed it." Then he kissed my arm. I love you Ben!
Then Ben started crying because Talon (apparently not getting any attention at that moment) decided it would be nice to go and lay on Ben's favorite thing. Real nice Tal! :) Not nice at all, but totally funny!


Tim and Clair said...

I made those cookies last year, thank goodness for Betty! Sadly mine didn't turn out the greatest, the pretzel trunk kept falling off! Happy New Year!

Aimee said...

What?!? Do I see matching shirts on Ben and Talon!?!?! Cute! :) The boys really could look like Ralphie and Randy. Simon just needs some big glasses! Maybe for Halloween next year!

And Ben was just precious when he opened that gift - too cute!

michael said...

where is the baby claire???
greetings from India
Mike and Penny

michael said...

when is the baby coming claire???
love to you and tim from India
Mike and Penny