Friday, January 26, 2007

More Snow...More Snow!

My boys just love the snow.

Ben would have stayed out there all day if we let him. He loves to "work".

I wish it was warmer so they could go out more often.

Thanks Auntie Nicole for the snow pants and boots - otherwise they wouldn't be able to go out at all! :)


Michelle said...

why do kids love cold snowy weather? i hate it and dread going out in it. I feel like such a bad mom for not letting Addy go out and play... hehe

looks like the kids had fun though!

Melanie said...

You don't see ME out there with them, do you? No way! Talon and I were in the nice cozy house together.

I feel like a bad mom when it's summer and I say "It's just too hot out there!" I do not feel bad about the cold. Quite frankly, it is just to cold and that's that!

Michelle said...

okay - i feel better now. Once my kids are old enough to go outside without me I'll just bundle 'em up and send them on their way... and of course give them hot chocolate when they come in. :)