Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks Candi! ;)

A- Available or married? Married - almost 7 years

B- Best Friend? My husband and my sister and my mom. You can't just have one, can you?

C- Cake or Pie? I'll take either.

D- Drink of Choice? Orange/Lemonade Kool-Aid

E- Essential Item? Cell phone & lipgloss

F- Favorite Color? Green

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? I'll eat either, but I don't love either. Make sense? I have a horrible sweet tooth, remember?

H- Hometown? South Holland, IL

I- Indulgence? Valpo Velvet Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

J- January or February? February

K- Kids & names? Simon - 4 1/2, Bennett - 2 1/2 & Talon - 9 months

L- Life is incomplete without? Jesus

M- Marriage Date? March 11, 2000

N- Number of Siblings? Leanne, Len, Paul & Aimee plus their spouses, of course...Keith, Tara, Kristin & Ryan

O- Oranges or apples? Depends on my mood. I like both though.

P- Phobias/Fears? Okay, this is going to sound completely crazy, but I don't like to see things that aren't supposed to be in the horizon. Like a cruise ship or a blimp. Even mountains weird me out a little since we live in the flatlands so they aren't supposed to be in the horizon in my own mind. :)

Q-Favorite Quote? "You get nothing. Good day sir!" Willy Wonka

R- Reason to Smile? My boys! All 4 of them.

S- Season? Spring

T- Tag three people! Aimee, Kristin and Michelle H.

U- Unknown fact about me: I think my fear/phobia is pretty unknown.

What happened to V?

W- Worst habit? Not keeping up with the laundry.

Y- Your favorite food? I LOVE food. Lovvvve it! I can't pick a favorite.

Z- Zodiac? Yeah, I'm with Candi on this one. I think I'm a Cancer, but I don't really care about it.


candi said...

Great quote!!! I'm going to use that one with my kids!

Melanie said...

Yes, do that! It works great!!!

Michelle said...

hey - did you see that I was also tagged by Bipin? I posted it this past week..

funny, i didn't even notice that V was missing! Very observant of you!