Friday, September 22, 2006

Lincoln Park Zoo

Now we're just at last weekend. Not too bad. I said I was tired...what I had meant to say was I am exhausted! It's been crazy getting adjusted to Simon going to school 4 afternoons a week. It's really messed up Talon's nap schedule (if that's what you want to call it since he hasn't been too good at naps ever!). And he's getting teeth so he's been up a bit in the night. Add some gas issues (for Talon) and my problem with not going to bed until after midnight every night (i just love those precious hours without the kids so I just can't go to bed regardless of how tired I am) and you have one exhausted momma!

Despite all the tiredness, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo last Saturday. It was such a beautiful day so we had to do something outside! All 3 boys really enjoyed it. We all did really. It was a little rough pushing the double stroller and/or holding Talon since Jon was rear-ended 2 weekends ago by a drunk driver. He's fine except for some pain in his lower back and neck but his car (the 1968 Rambler) is not. :( It couldn't have been the Explorer, could it?! It's just so sad.

Back to our day at the zoo...

Here's Simon...just hangin' out. I think we were looking at deer but I'm not sure.

Ben was a little nervous that the animals were right there. Especially with the lions. He put his shirt over his face and said "Scared Scared Scared"when it got up and started walking around.

Talon flying over Chicago - loving those 2 fingers.

My boys checking out the rhinos. They really liked those.

And a family picture. We don't get too many of those these days. Look at Talon holding his foot. So cute.

A Beautiful Day in Chicago with Happy Boys. Who could ask for more?


Stephanie said... tell us the's really your gas isn't it? LOL. Sad news about John and the Rambler. He just finished fixing it all up. :(

Kathy said...

I love the family picture, one to be framed.

Anonymous said...

yes, a GREAT family picture - so few of those come around!!

I'm exhausted too... and yet seemingly I do a lot less than you - how will i handle life busier than this?? (and don't say that its because of the newborn feedings... he's starting to sleep through the night!!)

Melanie said...

i do have to print the family pic! I love it too! :)
Miss Stephanie...nooooo, it's not MY gas problem! :) I feel sad about the Rambler too. So sad! :(
Michelle, you will cope. It's just what you have to do. It's crazy...believe me! I had an absolute meltdown today, but it's all good now! :)