Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Costume Sneak Peek & Boy Wonder

Here is my giraffe and my elephant eating their breakfast the other day.
They would not take them off - all morning. Finally at around 11:30 Simon looked like he was going to melt so I made him take it off. He was so hot!
Just a little sneak preview of Halloween. I do have another costume for Ben to wear and he looks equally cute it both of them so I haven't decided on the frog or the elephant.

Talon is the 3rd child to use this bouncy seat. And the 1st child to figure out how to get the stuffed elephant into his mouth. :) He reached his arm all the way up and pulled the little awning forward and grabbed it. So resourceful!


candi said...

That is so cute!! My boys live in costumes. I have to hide the ones I bought for halloween this year so they don't get ruined before the day. They play outside in them, eat in them, Tyler has a tendancy to sleep in them. Although I have no costumes, if they are in costume, I am generally referred to as "Batmom," "Spidermom," "Supermom ( That one is my favorite!) Can't wait to see you again on Wednesday, you have no idea how excited I was to see you and Aimee there. What a surprise!!!!

candi said...

why does it say 0 comments when clearly there is 1

candi said...

now 2!!!

Aimee said...

They are going to look so cute! I can't wait to see the hoods on their heads...or the heads on their heads...oh whatever, you know what I mean!! :)

Anonymous said...

look like you have a zoo there. hehe

i guess third children have to learn to be resourceful!

I must have missed this post - sorry for the very delayed comments but I couldn't resist the terrible zoo joke.