Friday, November 07, 2008

Buzz, Jack and a green frog... ya go! One week later. Not bad!

Halloween 2008Talon was the frog that Ben was 2 years ago. Gotta love a costume that was $1.97 and 2 kids WANTED to wear it!

Bennett was Captain Jack Sparrow...and he LOVED every minute of it!

Simon was Buzz Lightyear. His wings even had lights. I tried to get a picture of it but they it was nearly impossible.
Ben, my non-picture taking boy, insisted on this one. I couldn't believe it!

Me and my love - thank you Simon!Waiting for more trick-or-treaters...we didn't have many after we got home.This is my favorite picture! I love their faces.


Susie said...

Could they BE anymore adorable??????

Gramma Betty said...

I guess not, susie...they must have some of our blood in them :)
I really love them all

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. we looked at these after returning form China !
So miss you all.M&D