Friday, April 27, 2007

Fair Oaks Farm

I can't even remember when we went to Fair Oaks Farm. Wait, it was Spring Break so a few weeks before Easter. Aimee and I are going back - ALONE! All we wanted to do was see a baby cow being born but the kids just wouldn't cooperate. You know how it goes. :)

Ben "milking" the pretend cow.

This whole platform rotated. Ben held on and well...

Talon just marched around.

LOVE this one! (How cute is Chloe's pink hat!) This is on the way to watch the baby cow being born. These guys were excited. Owen and Talon, not so much!


freudyilyan28 said...

Hey, i find your posts very interesting, nice blog! :) I'm new here btw, just looking around. :) have a nice day!

you have very cute babies too! :)

Shawnie said...

You guys definitely have to go back to see the birth. I missed it the first time too and the next time we went I got to see it two's really fascinating!

candi said...

We love Fair Oaks!! We are actually members! Best ice cream anywhere!!