Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ethnic Heritage Day

Here's Simon with the shirt I made for him to celebrate his ethnic heritage at school. He brought some digestives and some olie bolen. He had no idea what he was wearing or bringing but it was fun for me.

I was trying to teach him what the shirt meant. I pointed to the British flag and said "That means you're half British" and "That", pointing to the other one, "means you're half Dutch." Quizzing him before we left, I pointed to the British one and said "What does that mean?" He proudly said, "I'm half bitch!"
Yes Simon, yes it does, but let's not tell your teacher that! :) And anyway, it's only half of the time so that makes him only a quarter "bitch", right?

I corrected him in a hurry and quizzed him a million more times before we left to make sure he wouldn't say that. When I picked him up, I was all excited. "Simon, did you tell your teacher what your shirt means?" "No, she didn't ask." Arrrrgggghhhh! All of that for nothing. I guess I got a good laugh out of it!


Aimee said...

His shirt turned out great!!! And maybe you should tell him he's "britch!" :)

candi said...

Thats hilarious!!!

Michelle said...

the shirt looks awesome! How did you make it? I'd love to know. :)

And the story makes the shirt something you'll never be able to get rid of! What a funny memory...

my girlfriends twins can't make their "SH" sounds and they love the ring around the rosie song... so its, at the top of their lungs, "ASSES! ASSES! WE ALL FALL DOWN!"

Quite entertaining in public.

Melanie said...

THAT is hilarious! Kids are so funny - sometimes without even trying.

Melanie said...

oh, michelle. I made his shirt with iron-on transfers that you print out. pretty cool. you can do anything. they have ones for dark fabric, which is what i used. otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the picture at all.