Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes, We're Still Here!!!

Okay, before I post Halloween, I'm just want to post a few random pics of Talon.

Here's Talon at Owen's cowboy birthday party.

Talon with my half-brother, Jake. I think Talon looks a lot like Jacob. I think I'm the only one though...what do you think?

Talon with Chloe. He LOVES her.
Here's another one of him kissing her cheek. Soooo cute!


5 In A Row said...

Those are some really cute pictures. It is so sweet to see kids loving each other. Simon's answer was so little man like. I guess they start young loving cool cars.

Melanie said...

Yeah, they do! It seems like it born into them somehow. Almost like how they have rhythm already too. :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures Mel! Especially the one of Talon with that little girl ~ who is that anyway?!?! Just joking!

Anonymous said...

maybe he looks like Jake in the coloring?