Sunday, October 15, 2006

Field Trip

Simon had a field trip to Plum Creek Nursery last Monday. Jon had the day off so I was able to go along. I was so excited to have some time with just Simon.
Before we left, the class did their normal songs and prayers. It was so neat to be there for that. I really enjoyed it. He doesn't talk much about what he does at school. The other moms waiting in the hallway with me said the same thing about their kids too. It was funny. Secretive little pre-schoolers! :)
Getting on the bus.

The hay maze. He had a blast figuring this out.

Choosing his pumpkin.

The one he picked. He's not really sad. He just wanted to make a sad face. He's such a funny little boy.

We had such a nice time together. The weather was perfect. I got to know some of his new friends and their moms. And the best part of all...there weren't any little brothers needing my attention. Four straight hours with my boy, Simon. I seriously cannot wait for the next field trip!!!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you got to have time with just one of your boys. Isn't it always the oldest that seems to get the least. They are so much more independant than the rest. Sometimes after the other kids fall asleep, I get Jacob up just to hang out with him. Don't tell the others!

Aimee said...

O.K. ~ we've got a problem...You didn't tell me about this either. What's going on? I thought you told me EVERYTHING! Just joking ~ I know how it is when we get on the phone. We can never quite say everything, because one of our kids is screaming! Looked like he had a great time!!