Monday, May 29, 2006

The good we got out of that day to Sears

A few weeks ago my sister and I took our 6 kids to Sears to have their pictures taken. We had to drag Grandma Betty along for help. :)

They are mostly of Simon and Talon because it was Simon's 4th birthday and Talon was 1 month old. Lucky for Ben! He wants no part of it. The only reason I got the good close up one it because Simon was sitting on a stool to get his done. Of course Ben wanted to be up there too - for a second - hence the picture!

It started pouring on our way there. You can only imagine us getting 6 kids into the mall trying not to get them wet because they were all ready for the pictures! After the pictures - which ended up being not so bad for me (my sister's story isn't so nice) - we had dinner at the Food Court (complete with having to nurse Owen and Talon), a ride on the carousel and a few trips up and down the escalator with Simon and Chloe. What a day! Who made up the phrase "Stay-At-Home Mom" anyway?

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Michelle said...

VERY cute pictures! I'm sooo bad about getting professional pictures taken. I can't help but think they are overpriced so I refuse to go... but when I see such cute pictures I always kick myself!! Addy had hers done when she was 2 weeks old... and none since :(